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Asheville Subsides, Manila Burns Stronger

COME TOGETHER (Asheville, North Carolina): August 21, Saturday, is a significant day to the Traveling Bonfires’ “Bonfires for Peace.” Two events—one in Manila, another in Asheville—happen, for the benefit of breast cancer victims and other nonprofits. Touch Samadhi’s Annunaki, Kri, Medisin, and Zenssie spin records at Pritchard Park’s event (starts 4pm, ends at 9). [Photo: The Asheville-based band BUYAKA at the "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park" last April 17.]

Upcoming Events and Productions

“ALAB NG DIBDIB: A Traveling Bonfires Benefit for Breast Cancer Prevention”
Set program dates: [1] August 14 (Saturday): Nude Sketching Sessions at ArtVentures@Conspi. 1PM - 4PM (models: Elai Isaac, also as host; and Pearl Imperial); [2] August 21 (Saturday): Folk rock gig. 8PM - 11:30PM, featuring TBonfires-Philippines Core Bands: Anak ni Aling Juana, BERSUS, Kalayag, NukLus, and Awee Sanchez. Venue: Conspiracy Bar and Garden Café, Quezon City.

[2] Series of Events to Promote the Ilocos Region as Cultural Center and Destination
A joint project with
ArtVentures@Conspi. The following are prospective/planned/brainstormed lineup of programs and :
[i] Launching of Artworks Exhibit and Photography Competition @ Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Proposed date, a weekday between Sept. 13th - Sept. 17th. Venue: Upon City Mayor’s recommendation. Program shall include a poetry reading, musical performance by a local artist and ribbon cutting by City Mayor.
[ii] Launching of Artworks Exhibit @ Batac, Ilocos Norte
Proposed date, a weekday between Oct. 11th - Oct. 15th. Venue: MMSU. Program shall include a poetry reading, musical performance by a local artist and ribbon cutting by Irene Marcos.
[iii] Culmination concert @ Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte
Proposed date, 2 consecutive days between Nov. 22nd and Nov. 26th. Venues: Ilocos Sur; Divine Word of Vigan; Ilocos Norte; MMSU. Program shall feature TBonfires core artists and 1 major artist; winners of Photography Competition will also be announced (we initially planned of using the images as backdrop on the stage).
[iv] Other proposed activities: Ilocano Cuisine and Crafts Fair, to be proposed to the local governments.
[v] Artwork Exhibits: Shall feature at least 50 artworks from Manila-based and Ilocos-based artists, shall tap the participation of the Fine Arts Dept of the Univ. of Northern Philippines. Proceeds form sale of artworks: 60 percent to CAUSE and 40 percent to Artist
[vi] Photography Competition: 2 Divisions: AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL. Open to everyone (national and international) except the organizers. Shortlisted entries shall be posted online in the EVENT WEBSITE.

Reunion Concert: ASIN*
ASIN is a
Pinoy rock and folk rock band from the Philippines. They were formed during the 1970s and originally known as Salt of the Earth from the song of Joan Baez. They later changed their name to "Asin," which means salt in the Filipino language.
Targeted concert date is September 25. Venues: (main show) University of the Philippines-Baguio Convention Center; and (small gig) Ayuyang Bar (for small gig). Co-presented (joint project) with the Ubbog Cordillera Young Writers Association, Baguio City, the event advocates environmental care issues. Prospective sponsors: (1) The City Government of Baguio, (2) UP Baguio Mountaineers, and (3)
Cordillera Studies Center.

"Kesher: Bonfires for Peace" (a concert for holocaust victims)
A collaborative project with the YsraPhil Philippines Network Development Organization (a non-profit initiative that supports surviving Holocaust victims in Israel). Concert date: Oct 9th; Venue: Conspiracy Bar and Garden Cafe, Quezon City.
Lineup of performers (songs, poetry etc): Main act—Joey Ayala, plus TBonfires-Philippines Core Bands: Anak ni Aling Juana, BERSUS, Kalayag, and NukLus; with guests Jeanie Canizares, Brock Wolf. Also in the program: Documentary film on the “Feast of the Tabernacle.”

[ ] YsraPhil wishes to raise funds for short to long term projects for the organization:
(a)Short Term Project: To secure 4 hectares of land donated to the group. This piece of property shall be the source of income for the organization to sustain its operations. It will mainly provide support to the volunteer caregivers who are sent to Jerusalem to take care of ailing holocaust survivors. The land would need to be wire fenced and marked with the name of land owners to avoid opportunities for squatting.
(b)Mid-term Project: 1) Install a water system for the organic garden. The produce from the garden shall be sold for income. A small house for a caretaker would also be necessary. The caretaker could also be the person to farm the land. 2) to come up with a news magazine for circulation locally and online.
(c)Long Term Project: 1) To build a 2-storey building on the land which shall serve as headquarters for the staff, lodge for the volunteers and multi-purpose place for other events. A small museum is also planned to be installed on the building. 2) To produce a documentary film to appeal for support for holocaust survivors in Israel and everywhere else. 3) To launch an album compilation of Philippine - Israeli folk music.

[5] Continuing Fundraise Projects and Program Assistance/Training for At-Risk Youths
The following are proposed and/or planned activities for/with the Association Compassion Asian Youth (ACAY), a non-profit, humanitarian service organization catering to youth at risk, based in Balanga town in Bataan province in the Philippines. ACAY, under the aegis of the Missionaries of Mary, an international Catholic movement (main office in France), is a perennial beneficiary of the Traveling Bonfires’ fundraise events. (TIMETABLE: September to October 2010)
[1] Jazz dance workshop with Mimi Villareal of Powerdance.
[2] Breast Care and Breast Cancer detection seminar with the Philippine Foundation of Breast Care, Inc. A possible one-day medical mission in Balanga for the girls and staff.
[3] Writing Workshop with Palanca awardee Abet Umil; possibly, a two consecutive weekends program. Open to the teens beneficiaries and staff.
[4] Sketching / painting workshop, in coordination with artist-members of ArtVentures at Conspiracy Garden and Café, Quezon City. Set on a weekend.

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