Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Traveling Bonfires Summer of 2009 Program

Wander Women Series, Vagrant Wind, and other rock journeys and sublime madnesses

(A Community Convergence for Global Peace, Community Connectedness,
and Harmony in Diversity)

[1] PRODUCING ORGANIZATION: Traveling Bonfires, nonprofit organization
A program of closely-coordinated, easy-to-mount, budget-friendly community events that advocate a peaceful convergence vibe—as well as family closeness, neighborhood connected-ness, and multi-cultural harmony. Events include musical concerts/festivals, poetry readings & and other performances, filmshowings, a variety of cultural/artistic presentations (improvisational dance, street theater, traditional/cultural gatherings, food gatherings etc), and group discussions. [For more info, see attached Brief Backgrounder]

i. To advocate a peaceful/non-violent consciousness in the community, thereby initiating venues for collective discussion towards this end.
ii. To raise fund for the producing organization and its nonprofit beneficiaries.
iii. To promote, network, and market a like-minded community organization or (independent) entrepreneurial program.
iv. To usher exposure to starting performers, help them to connect with other venues and market, and possibly forge business and advocacy relationships in the process.

i. A nonprofit organization that aids/delivers relief help to typhoon-battered communities in the Philippines.
ii. A local nonprofit based on where a particular Bonfires event is happening.
iii. The Traveling Bonfires’ start-up program in Southern California, and its sideprojects.


I. A 4-City BONFIRES for PEACE Event -- scheduled time: July 2009 (evening event)
A one-day (or nighttime) club and/or park concert (music bands, poets, theater artists, filmmakers, DJs). Separate concerts are set in Long Beach, California (2nd week, July); Asheville, North Carolina (July 11); Manila, Philippines (July 9); Manhattan, New York (last week, July).
All events are happening in a club, except in Asheville, North Carolina which is set in a downtown park (Pritchard Park). Possible events are being considered in Washington DC and San Francisco, California. There is an Associate Producer and production staff, and co-sponsoring organization/s in each city.

II. WANDER WOMEN SERIES – a continuing women-produced and organized small-venue shows and gigs, meant to promote Wander (“the open mag that moves”), a community publication that will be launched in Long Beach, California this summer.

III. VAGRANT WIND – café/gallery/bookstore events that are usually a mix of poetry and singer-songwriter mini-concert, sometimes short films and discussions included.

IV. A two-neighborhood “FUNFEST” – whole-day community/family events that include garage sales, food sharing and family barbecue, crafts/nonprofit tabling, children’s playground (clowns, piñata, games, open mic), musical shows, and other “fun” activities.

Co-sponsorship and organizational/business donations are very much welcome—both in terms of financial aid, media exposure/publicity, production/events needs (sound system procurement, food, program printing). Co-sponsors business/corporate logos will be prominently displayed or printed in all production banners, posters, flyers, and postcards. All checks addressed to: Traveling Bonfires.